Key Things to Understand when Treating Acne

There are several things that you need to understand when getting rid of acne. These facts are important so that you know how and when to attack. Did you know that when treating acne, you are actually at war with yourself? Not quite sure what I’m talking about? Read on to answer the question, does proactive work.

The Acne Bacteria is a Good Bacteria

Surprised? I bet you are. The acne bacteria is actually a resident bacteria of your skin. Each and every individual has a healthy colony of acne bacteria. These bacteria actually helps your skin prevent opportunistic bacteria from taking over and cause infection. However, when the colony grows in number, the body sees this as a threat and will then trigger the body’s immune defenses to contain it. The acne bacteria will only grow in number if there is an over production of oil in your sebaceous glands.

Your Skin Needs Oil

Your sebaceous glands produce an oily substance commonly known as sebum. A lot of people have a hard time with acne and usually blame it on their oily skin. Other’s even think it would be a good idea to completely eliminate the oil from their skin. The oil produced in our sebaceous glands is needed by our body to keep our pores clean and at the same time protect our skin from drying out. When oil is released inside our pores, it pushes out dirt and impurities back to the surface so that you can completely eliminate it when you wash your face. This oily substance also form what we call the lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is what keeps our skin smooth and supple.

Having Dead Skin Cells Covering Our Pores is Normal

Dead skin cells are produced as a result of the normal wear and tear of our body. These dead skin cells may cover our pores but would usually slough off. However, because of oxidation, these cells stick together and forms an elastic plug that clings to the opening of your pores. This will then prevent the normal flow of oil to the surface of your skin. At the same time, when the trapped oil is trapped with the acne bacteria, the bacteria converts the excess oil to fatty acids. This nurtures the colony.

The acne bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum is produced by our body every day. These are considered as a part of our body’s normal processes. Completely removing all of these three are not possible and if we ever do, It can cause serious effects on our ski.